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In collaboration with Ogilvy, this partnership has led to the creation of an extraordinary capsule collection of eyewear featuring the distinctive etching of Campari Soda. This collaboration has given rise to a remarkable marketing campaign, with a particular emphasis on an augmented reality web app and a site-specific video with a "trompe-l'œil" effect developed by Stride.

the experience

campari soda x 8000:
An iconic collaboration

The collaboration between Campari Soda and 8000 was a meeting between the art of the aperitif and the art of style. The result was a unique eyewear capsule collection, featuring Campari Soda's iconic frosting. This collection captured the essence of both brands, combining the world of the Italian aperitif and the innovative style of 8000 glasses.

The goal of the campaign was clear: create a noticeable impact and increase conversions. To do this, Stride worked in collaboration with Ogilvy to develop a creative and engaging approach.


One of the cornerstones of the campaign was the creation of an augmented reality web app that allowed consumers to preview glasses from the capsule collection. This innovative application allowed users to virtually experience how the glasses fit their face, providing a unique perspective on the collection before purchasing. This interactivity generated strong engagement and a greater likelihood of conversion.

A Site specific artwrok

A "fool eye"

Another key element of the campaign was a site-specific video projected on a LED wall. This video was characterized by a "trick the eye" or trompe l'oeil effect, which captured the gaze and curiosity of the audience. The projection transformed the space into a visual work of art that attracted the attention of passers-by and invited them to explore the collection. This creative approach generated a strong visual impact and became a focal point of the campaign.

extraordinary results

The "Campari Soda x 8000" campaign was an extraordinary success. Combining an innovative capsule collection, an immersive augmented reality web app and a disruptive site-specific video, the project captured the public's imagination and led to a significant increase in conversions. The collaboration between Campari Soda and 8000 demonstrated that innovation and creativity can lead to extraordinary results in the world of marketing.


The "Campari Soda x 8000" campaign is a perfect example of how creativity and innovation can be integrated into a successful marketing project. Stride and Ogilvy have proven that thinking outside the box can lead to exceptional results. This campaign is an ode to collaboration between iconic brands and the importance of embracing new technologies and creative approaches in modern marketing.