The Concept

We traveled like ancient explorers to enrich our baggage of knowledge and create something unique and unrepeatable, both aesthetically and technologically.

From the sapphire light of southern Italy, to the emerald bridges connecting Rome to Greece, to the topaz yellow sun that unites east and west, this expedition made up of the unique facets of the same sea has allowed us to explore like modern Argonauts the codes of this precious collection

Along the way, we encountered the most diverse characters, who allowed us to enrich our knowledge so as to create three unique digital experiences for each of the three main jewels of the collection, including Giuseppe Lo Schiavo, author of three digital art works with the highest pixel resolution in the world.

of serpenti

rome as
a muse


In these three interpretative declinations of the three jewels Muse Of Rome, Southern Sapphire and Yellow Diamond Hypnosis

we had the opportunity to work our creativity out in order to create a unique design that encompassed the spirit of the collection and of the Mediterranean sea, opting for a design linked to the mosaic

form of artistic expression that with its pieces contains the beauty and complexity of a project that saw us manage the synergy of its individual parts to create a work of ingenious beauty resulting from the collaboration between the Stride team and various actors involved in the project

a shared
yet unique layout

Once again, thanks to Bulgari, we had the opportunity to engage in a multidisciplinary and multi-system project to create a unique outcome in terms of aesthetics and technologies.